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I am a student majoring in computer information systems, working on continuous improvement and collecting knowledge.

I have been attending college for my degree and gaining certifications (MTA 98-364, 98-366, 98-381, and 98-382). Additionally, completing an internship and continued employment in industrial manufacturing and acquiring knowledge about different kinds of systems and working with smaller entities to experience different kinds of development and troubleshooting. Taking courses for further developing my skills as a developer and programmer has helped me to better my skills with web development languages  and frameworks such as ASP.NET. PHP, and CSS3 as well as application development such as C#, SQL, and OOP.

I have been working as a professional in information technology fields for 3 years and have been taking classes consistently for about 4 years; Classes in all realms of life including law, accounting, CADD/CAM programming, and business administration alongside my classes in computer information technology offers me a deeper understanding of how a business operates and how to efficiently reach technological needs that arise in its operations.

Here you can find my professional portfolio and my resume.

As well as letters of reference here, here, and here.

More information and other projects that I am unable to host on github or another repository can be retrieved by contacting me directly or can be previewed on my projects page.

Feel free to reach out to me using the contact page with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Or if you’d like to support the software you’re using or that is currently in development you can donate or purchase something from my Ko-Fi Store.

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